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We work with number of local suppliers that provide quality products at special pricing for our customers.  We invite you to visit their showrooms and browse the selection of tiles and flooring materials to make your favorite choices. 





Glazed, Non-Glazed, Ceramic, Glass and Porcelain. 

Today's tile choices are almost endless!  You can select from tile that brings back retro designs, cultural flavors and vintage classics to new product lines that mimic natural stones and marbles so well, only an up-close look reveals their content.  Deco tiles are now so extensive, it makes choosing one a challenge, but don't let that limit your creativity!  Color, design, durability and ease of maintenance are all worth your consideration.  Why not discuss your ideas with us before your final selection for best results?



Natural Stone

Slate, Travertine, Limestone, Marble and Granite.

Nature stones have lasting beauty, value and offer impressive visual response.  We can help you evaluate the best use of natural product taking into consideration proper maintenance and care.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring offers a natural feel and look to your home or business.  A number of choices are available.

  • Solid (prefinished) nail-down only - use for above ground, or sub-floors; requires correct expansion allowances between vertical walls
  • Longstrip (pre-finished) float, and/or nail-down - used for all grade levels on wood sub-floors and/or concrete slabs
  • Engineered (pre-finished) float, glue down or nail-down - use for any grade level on wood sub-floors and/or concrete slabs



Love that feel of walking on warm, soft carpet?  We remove old carpet and pad, repair tack strip if needed and install your new carpet and pad professionally and quickly.  From berbers to plush, textured or carpet tile installs, we can help direct you to the right product for your home.

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